Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ramshackle Modern or Just Half-Assed?

Continuing our series of 'Best "x" Ever', we present the compost bin I built. I put it together from scrap wood and leftover hardware cloth (not added as of photo). Here's my dilemma: I enjoy the ramshackle style I've seen on the blogs Dinosaurs & Robots (esp. the shackitecture photos) and Ramshackle Solid. However, I also can't escape the fact that I put this bin together as I went along, no measurements and as little cutting as possible. So, the look, in particular that skewed beam in back, is not really an aesthetic choice so much as is laziness. On the other hand, I do enjoy it.
On the other other hand, it'll rot away someday anyhow. 


  1. It's lookin a little handicapped! Like one of those roller things...put some tennis balls underneath. Or a lopsided treadmill! Maybe think of it more as Ikebana Construction, rather than Laziness Construction. I checked out those blogs--cool! I'll add them to my reader. I LOVE that you guys are composting. I guess with a big yard you don't need a bin? Do you need to add some worms or something?

  2. Add compost and the worms will come. It' really amazing. We have two plastic garbage cans in the back. Lift them up, and ground beneath is full of worms.