Thursday, June 18, 2009

Topsy Turvy Melons

An impulse buy at the checkout counter at Lowes. As Seen On TV, the Topsy Turvy eliminates all the backbreaking labor of gardening, you know, all the digging in soil and getting dirty and stuff. Still, I thought it might work great for melons, which seem complicated and take up space. So far, the green material seems to be heating up the soil something awesome, so there's that. 

If it works, next year I'll run a pipe up the house and run irrigation to a half dozen of these. Or build a long one of my own, if it's practical.


  1. What he didn't mention is that once a melon starts to grow, it needs to be put in a sling. I love that part!! TLC for melons!!

  2. this is so weird and cool! I can't wait to see the plants full grown...and that sling in action!!