Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Tomatoes! Sorta.

The very first ripe tomatoes to come off the vine! The upper one is a Celebrity, your basic supermarket tomato. The lower one is an heirloom Carbon. They are juicy and sweet and totally better than any tomatoes from the grocery store. Unfortunately:

They've the dreaded blossom end-rot. This happens when the watering is either too irregular, or there is a calcium deficiency in the soil. So I now water with milk every day.

Actually no, milk is too expensive. Bill over at City Farmers got me some gypsum and told me when to water. He also told me that I could still eat them. I wish that tomatoes weren't so damn picky. The squash certainly don't have this problem.

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  1. When I had tomatoes with blossom end rot, I sprinkled egg shells crushed by hand onto the soil. It worked. I keep all egg shells, so I had plenty. My three hens also get egg shells for their calcium needed for shells. I try to buy nothing if I can find a substitute at home.