Thursday, July 9, 2009

Geranium Update

As promised in my first geranium post, here are some pictures of what I called the "candy-striped" geraniums that unexpectedly emerged from some older cuttings:

I love how the hot pink is only on the edges of the petals for a true two-toned effect. Gorgeous!

And just for fun, some portraits of two of our three kitties who were hangin' out near the geranium bed:


Mina & Linus

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  1. omg it ate my comment! rawr! ok, cats are adorable! ADORABLE Linus got so big so fast! I love those candy striped ones, my geraniums didn't take quite so well but still hope they bounce back. I saw an inneresting idea-r on my fav landscape blog about using gutters on the side of your house, just nailed on the siding/shingles, serving as flower beds or for lettuce, whatever.