Monday, July 20, 2009


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It's been almost impossible to grow greens in the summer heat. I've had marginal success by spritzing them with water two or three times a day to keep them cool, but the trade off is that the water droplets might burn the leaves, killing my salad dreams anyway.

So, using a couple pieces of spare rebar and an old plastic trellis, I ziptied a ramshackle shade that may be the most hideous kludge I've put together yet.

Sagging in the middle and braced by PVC, I hate this thing with a passion. Sure, it works, but will the neighbors think? I'm just going to break down and drive over to Home Depot for some 2x2s and have done with it.

Here's my threadbare lettuce patch as of now. I'll be planting some more stuff here, so hopefully I'll be show off some after pics later.


  1. Most garden centers sell a UV/sun filtering fabric...I've been meaning to get some for my pergola can purchase wire and clips so it can be pulled in and out.

  2. Come to think of the OSH here their center has a huge tent over it and they have some fancy white sun blocking fabric...that might look nice if you can find's probably online somewhere...I have run across it..coolsomething...

  3. Not a bad idea Saskia, and possibly easier/cheaper/less permanent (i.e., gives us more options) than 2x2s, though wood is so nice.

    BTW love that phrase..."killing my salad dreams away." awwwwww, so sad! :( And are salad dreams anything like salad days? heehee