Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What is This Bean?

I have no idea.

Part of our back fence is covered with these guys. Last November, the previous year's crop dried out and popped open, flinging beans against the house. I was convinced that neighbor kids were throwing rocks at us. You can see one half of the old pod above.

The new pods are stiff and covered in velvet. Or it feels like it. I cracked one open, but the beans taste like grass. An inedible plant, or just not ripe?

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  1. I should probably allow the mystery to go on a little longer, but I can't resist telling you - I know what it is! It is the seed pod of the wisteria. Remember when it was blooming gorgeous purple last spring? It's the same plant! And apparently the seed pod-popping phenomenon is something that is well-looked-forward-to...check this out:

    PS I can't believe you ate some, that's awesome! LOL